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An eighteen-wheeler truck can weigh up to 20 times as much as the average passenger vehicle. These massive trucks can cause devastating accidents, especially when making wide turns. Drivers of eighteen-wheelers have to deal with certain blind spots that make it difficult to see other vehicles, which can sometimes cause devastating accidents.

Eighteen-wheeler truck accidents are often caused by:

  • Drivers failing to check if blind spots are occupied
  • Drivers failing to use their turn signals
  • Drivers with improper or inadequate training
  • Drivers who lack experience
  • Drivers who demonstrate disregard for other motorists

Truck accidents have multiple causes, and sometimes a combination of different factors will add up to a devastating truck accident. While drivers of eighteen wheeler trucks are professionals with specialized training who have to follow strict safety regulations, the companies the drivers work for sometimes disregard potential safety hazards. When these safety hazards don’t get attention, accidents happen and people end up getting hurt. When these accidents occur an injury attorney in Tulsa should be contacted to assist in recovering financial compensation and holding the negligent party responsible.

Improper Maintenance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck companies and the drivers they employ to complete the following safety checks:

  • Conduct a pre-trip inspection to ensure safe condition of the truck and its cargo
  • Review and sign-off on the current vehicle inspection report and verify that all necessary repairs have been completed
  • Frequently inspect, repair, and maintain all eighteen wheelers within their operation
  • Complete an end-of-shift inspection and written report to document any new defects or deficiencies that arise during a trucks’ use

A trucking company’s failure to properly maintain its commercial trucks can be grounds for legal action.

Other causes of eighteen wheeler accidents include:

  • Broken Head & Tail Lights: Working head and tail lights are an important part of keeping an eighteen wheeler in sight. When the head and tail lights of a truck malfunction, it can make the highway dangerous to travel on.
  • Tire Defects: The tires on eighteen wheelers tend to wear out faster than the tires of the average passenger vehicles. If a truck company doesn’t closely monitor the condition of the tires on their trucks, it can result in tread separation and dangerous blowouts.
  • Brake Failure: Because of how giant eighteen wheelers are, they require more time and space for braking. Without the right maintenance, a truck’s brakes might fail when coming to a sudden stop.
  • Partially Loaded Cargo: Liquids that have been partially loaded on an eighteen wheeler can slosh back and forth, which unbalances the truck and makes it more likely to rollover.
  • Unsecured Cargo: Cargo that has not been properly tied down and secured poses a danger to other drivers on the road and also increases the possibility of the truck overturning.

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