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Tulsa Slip and Fall Lawyer

While slip and falls often result in only a few bruises, that same fall could cause severe injuries in other circumstances. A variety of dangerous conditions can result in entirely preventable accidents in grocery stores and other retail establishments—in which case a Tulsa slip and fall lawyer may enable you to seek compensation for your losses.

Since slip and fall claims can become complicated, the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney might be crucial to your ability to recover damages for your losses. As time limits apply to all personal injury claims, you may wish to consult legal counsel as quickly as possible following your slip and fall accident.

Negligence and Premises Liability in Tulsa

Business owners, managers, and property owners must keep their premises reasonably safe and free of hazards for guests, customers, and others whom they have invited onto their property. Property owners who fail to adequately maintain flooring, stairs, and walkways and remove any reasonably obvious safety concerns may be liable for negligence if a customer or guest falls and suffers injuries. As a seasoned premises liability attorney could explain, some common scenarios that might lead to a slip and fall claim include:

  • Patrons who slip and fall in a store due to a spill that employees did not clean up
  • Business owners fail to clear icy or snowy sidewalks or put down salt and customers fall while attempting to enter the business
  • A crumbling or cracked step causes patrons to lose their footing and fall
  • A fallen product or fixture in the aisle where customers walk, which results in a trip or slip and fall

Whether property owners should be liable for injuries that arise on their property may depend on their knowledge of the hazard, or on whether they reasonably should have known of through correct and thorough inspection. A slip and fall attorney in Tulsa may be able to assist in evaluating whether an accident plaintiff has a valid personal injury action to pursue.

Limitations on Slip and Fall Cases

When individuals are struggling to recover from injuries sustained in a slip and fall or another type of accident, filing a lawsuit or seeking compensation is often the last thing on their minds. It should be noted that an inability to work for days or months—and steadily mounting medical bills—may cause injured individuals to need significant financial assistance during this challenging and stressful time.

Potential plaintiffs should be aware that all lawsuits are subject to statutes of limitation, or deadlines by which individuals must file their claims in court. If a person fails to meet the applicable statute of limitations, they could lose their ability to file any claim related to the incident at issue, no matter how legitimate the grounds for that claim may be.

Under Oklahoma Statutes §12-95(A)(3), victims of slip and fall accidents have two years from the date that the incident leading to their injuries occurred in which to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. Since the timing of a personal injury suit based on a slip and fall accident can be so crucial, contacting a slip and fall lawyer in Tulsa as quickly as possible following such an incident may be highly beneficial.

Call a Tulsa Slip and Fall Attorney for Help

When you are injured and at your most vulnerable following a slip and fall accident, you may not think to call a lawyer right away. It is important to remember, though, if the negligent behavior of others in failing to maintain their premises caused your injuries, you have the right to hold them accountable for their actions.

All too often, insurance companies try to take advantage of individuals in their injured states, and adjusters may try to pressure you into a quick settlement before you even become aware of your rights. Obtaining legal counsel in your time of need and before speaking with the insurance company could be a wise step. Call a Tulsa slip and fall lawyer today to schedule an initial consultation and get started on your case.

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