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Tulsa Dog Bite Lawyer

Millions of dog bites occur each year, and many of these bites require medical attention. In the most severe cases, dog bite victims can suffer permanent disfigurement and impairment. If you have suffered devastating injuries from a dog bite, contacting a Tulsa dog bite lawyer could be in your best interest.

Dog bites can leave lasting scarring and wounds that require reconstructive surgery and skin grafts, and the resulting medical expenses and necessary time off work or school can make an already stressful situation even more difficult. Seeking compensation with the help of an accomplished personal injury attorney may enable you to obtain some measure of financial security while you are recovering from your injuries.

Liability for Dog Attack Injuries in Tulsa

Oklahoma Statutes §4-42.1 states that dog owners are liable for damages sustained when their dogs, without provocation, bite or injure any person who is lawfully present at the location at which the attack occurs. This is a strict liability statute, meaning plaintiffs do not have to prove negligence on the part of the owner to recover damages from that owner in a personal injury suit.

Instead, all the plaintiff must prove is that the liable individual(s) is the legal owners of the dog that bit them and that the dog bite caused injuries. Proof of ownership, if disputed, typically consists of vaccination or veterinarian records, licensing, or animal shelter records. A Tulsa dog bite attorney could assist an individual with documenting their injuries and filing insurance claims with homeowner insurance policies.

In some cases, cities, towns, or counties may bear some responsibility for injuries caused by dog bites. If multiple people complained about a potentially vicious dog in a neighborhood whose owner allowed it to run loose regularly, and the dog then attacked someone, a governmental entity that failed to take adequate measures to remove the dog from the neighborhood or otherwise penalize the owner could also be partially or fully liable for damages.

Compensation in Canine Bite Cases

Individuals who suffer dog bite injuries may need emergency medical treatment, multiple surgeries, skin grafts, plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgery. The costs of necessary medical treatment are compensable under Oklahoma dog bite laws.

For injury plaintiffs who must take time off work to undergo medical treatment or surgery, or to otherwise recuperate from a dog bite, damages for lost wages also may be available. If the dog bite results in injuries that cause permanent impairments that adversely affect the victim’s ability to continue working, they may seek damages for loss of future income as well.

Certain non-economic damages might be available in dog bite injury cases, but it may be more difficult to settle upon an amount that genuinely represents this type of loss. If properly valuated, though, injured individuals could seek damages for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional distress that stem from dog bite injuries. An animal attack lawyer in Tulsa could work to assess and quantify damages related to a dog bite injury and seek appropriate compensation from all liable parties.

Call a Tulsa Dog Bite Attorney for Help

Adults and children alike may suffer catastrophic injuries from dog bites. Dog owners can be held liable for the costs of those injuries, even if the dog never has bitten others or displayed any signs of hostility. A Tulsa dog bite lawyer could help you seek damages from a dog’s owners and their insurance policies to compensate you for your injuries.

Navigating the complex insurance claims process can be difficult without legal guidance. While you are dealing with your injuries, legal counsel may be able to handle these financial matters on your behalf and work to obtain the compensation that you need in this situation. Reach out to a dedicated injury attorney today to learn your options.