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Tulsa Defective Products Lawyer

Defective products can cause devastating injuries that may leave those affected significant medical bills and lost income. If you were injured, you might not know where to turn or how to begin holding product manufacturers accountable for placing a defective product on the market. A Tulsa defective products lawyer may be able to assist you in identifying the parties responsible for your injuries and bringing legal claims for compensation against those parties.

Personal injury claims based on defective products can be more challenging than other personal injury cases since they require proof that a product had a faulty design or construction. Providing evidence may require the assistance of experts to evaluate and explain the defects in a product and how they led to the injury. A seasoned personal injury lawyer may be able to offer you the resources necessary to pursue product manufacturers and hold them accountable for placing defective products on the market.

Types of Tulsa Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims stemming from defective products can arise from three specific situations. These scenarios include:

  • Products that are inherently dangerous due to design defects
  • Faulty manufacturing processes that depart from the product design, resulting in unsafe or defective products
  • Manufacturers that fail to warn consumers of potential dangers from using products

Each type of product liability claims requires evidence to prove its core elements. As this evidence often includes a great deal of highly technical information, depending on the type of product involved, individuals may wish to seek the assistance of a defective products lawyer in Tulsa.

Defective Products that Lead to Liability Claims

Some of the more common product liability claims arise from medications and medical devices, child and infant products, vehicles, tools, and factory equipment. Product designers, manufacturers, and distributors may all potentially bear liability in defective products claims, even if they were unaware of the defect. The strict liability standard exists to motivate product manufacturers to ensure that they place only safe products on the market; otherwise, lest they risk a significant lawsuit.

Product Liability Claims in Tulsa

Any consumers who use a defective product may be able to file a claim for damages. The consumer does not necessarily have to be the person who purchased the product. For instance, in the case of a defective vehicle, a passenger injured while riding in another person’s vehicle could claim damages.

Various parties may be liable in a particular defective products case, including the designers of the product, the manufacturers and assemblers of the product, and even wholesalers, retailers, and other distributors, particularly if they altered the product or failed to include essential warning materials when they sold it. A defective products attorney in Tulsa may be able to determine the identity of all potentially liable parties in products liability cases.

Seek the Advice of a Tulsa Defective Products Attorney

As a consumer, you expect that products released onto the U.S. market will be safe to use and free from any dangerous defects. All too often, however, injuries result from defective products, even when used as intended. A Tulsa defective products lawyer may be able to represent your interests when you or a loved one has sustained severe injuries from using a product that was supposed to be safe for regular use.