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Tulsa Violent Crimes Lawyer

Across the state of Oklahoma and the entire country, violent crimes are among the most aggressively prosecuted and harshly penalized criminal offenses. In Oklahoma, a convicted individual must serve at least 85% of his or her sentence before becoming eligible for parole. With extensive sentences, we strongly urge you to enlist a Tulsa violent crimes defense lawyer to defend your rights. With the right type of representation, penalties may be reduced or limited.

Building a Defense for Violent Crimes

When you are facing criminal charges for a violent crime, your entire future can hang in the balance. Don’t trust your fate to the first lawyer that the state assigns you. Ensure that you work with a criminal defense attorney with significant life experience and a dedication to procuring a favorable outcome. At our criminal defense law firm in Sapulpa Matthew Saint is a second career lawyer, which is beneficial by offering a unique perspective your case.

Contacting a Tulsa Violent Crimes Lawyer

The difference between a successful and a negative outcome usually lies in the minute details of each case. An effective Tulsa violent crimes lawyer is someone who can relate to each client as an individual and can evaluate the unique facts of each case in order to advise the client what would be their best plan of action. Because of our experience and dedication, we often win positive results for our clients. We are ready to fight for you today!

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