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When someone is given probation violation instead of a harsher punishment, such as jail time or heavy fines, it is considered a privilege. This is why if someone violates any of the terms or restrictions involved in their probation, the penalties one could face are significant—and often harsher than the penalties for the original offense.

If you have been accused of committing probation violation, we can defend you! Saint & Associates, PLLP has a results-driven approach and we do not stop fighting until we help you find the right solution.


Probation violation laws will differ with each county and every courtroom. When issuing the sentence, the judge will evaluate various factors, including the severity of the offense, before deciding on the terms. Probation violation occurs when the individual has failed to abide by the terms, ignored the directions, or completely broken the rules during the probation term.

  • Some examples of probation violation include:
  • Failing to appear at a scheduled court appearance
  • Failing to keep appointments with the probation officer
  • Disregarding the fines or compensation to be paid to victims, if court-ordered
  • Traveling to or visiting places where one is not allowed to go, or without permission
  • Using, selling, or being in possession of illegal drugs
  • Committing another criminal offense during the probation period
  • Getting arrested for any reason, regardless if it is a criminal case or not

As Broken Arrow criminal defense attorneys, we have assisted countless numbers of individuals who have been accused of violating probation. When your case is brought to court, we attempt to undermine the prosecutor claims and bring forth a defense in your favor.


If the judge finds that you have committed a violation of your probation, you could be subjected to a number of penalties. This becomes serious, as probation is usually given so that you won’t have to serve a jail sentence. It would be unfortunate for you to have to go to jail when the intention was to avoid it in the first place. That is why Saint & Associates, PLLP is here to defend your legal rights.

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