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Murder or homicide is considered the most serious crime in Oklahoma and the rest of the United States, associated with significant penalties, including the death penalty. If you are accused of murder, you may face overwhelming public and media scrutiny before the trial even begins.

At Saint & Assocaites, PLLP, our Broken Arrow criminal defense attorneys are highly qualified and experienced in helping you protecting your rights, reputation and freedom. We can conduct our own investigation into your case, gather our own evidence, analyze evidence collected by law enforcement, and interview potential witnesses in order to formulate a relentless and personalized defense strategy on your behalf.


The crime of murder is classified into two degrees: first degree murder and second degree murder. Both offenses are considered felonies. However, first degree murder is associated with more significant penalties, which include the death penalty depending on specific factors of the crime.

  • The following are the certain circumstances which define first degree murder in Oklahoma:
  • An individual causes the death of another human being with purposeful and malice aforethought
  • When an individual takes the life of another human being during the commission or attempted commission of a felony crime, such as robbery with a dangerous weapon, arson, rape, kidnapping, eluding an officer, escape from lawful custody, or attempted murder of another person
  • An individual maliciously or willfully injures, tortures, maims or inflicts unreasonable force on a child, resulting in the child’s death
  • An individual who unlawfully and with malice aforethought solicits another person or persons to cause death of a human being to further the unlawful manufacturing, distributing or dispensing controlled substances, possessing with intent to distribute or dispense, or trafficking
  • An individual purposefully causes the death of a police officer or correctional officer while the officer is on duty

First degree murder is punishable by life in prison, with or without parole. If parole is granted, an individual cannot become eligible until at least 85% of their sentence has been served. In regards to a life sentence, a person would need to serve at least 38 years in prison prior to the possibility of parole.

  • The following are the certain circumstances which allows the prosecution to seek the death penalty for first degree murder:
  • The murder was severely atrocious, heinous or cruel
  • The individual purposely created immense risk of death to more than one person
  • The murder was committed while an individual was serving a sentence for a felony crime
  • The murder was committed during an attempt to escape arrest or prosecution
  • The individual is classified as a continuing threat to society
  • The individual’s criminal record contains previous violent crimes
  • The victim is a police or correctional officer who was killed while on duty

Second degree murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another person without premeditation or malice aforethought. Typically this type of crime occurs by accident or during the heat of passion. Second degree murder is punishable by a minimum prison sentence of 10 years and a maximum life imprisonment sentence. The 85% rule applies for those eligible for parole.


Our Broken Arrow criminal defense attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of Oklahoma murder laws and court proceedings. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the state legal system and are aware of the mistakes that are made during an investigation. With the stakes this high, our legal team is experienced and skilled enough to help.

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