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Kidnapping is defined as removing an individual without his or her consent and taking them to another location. Oklahoma law states that if someone kidnaps, either by imprisoning the other person, coercing the person to perform or be sold into slavery, or forcing the person to leave the state, can be charged with kidnapping, which is a felony under the law.

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Kidnapping is a serious offense and is considered a felony. Anyone convicted of a felony carries with him a lifelong stigma. It can damage relationships, make it difficult to find a job, and live life as an average citizen. Not to mention, the penalties are severe, at maximum several years of imprisonment.

  • These are the penalties for kidnapping:
  • Up to 20 years in prison
  • Significant fines
  • Restitution paid to victims

If the kidnapping involves children, aged 13 or under, the penalties are enhanced—at minimum one could face 10 years in prison or up to life imprisonment, at most. Many parents are often accused of this crime because they are trying to regain custody. However, they do not realize the implications and the weight of the possible criminal charges that could result.


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