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Possession of drugs in Oklahoma is a serious enough crime, but when the intent to sell is added, it becomes an entirely different case. Whereas our country is slowly starting to view drug use as more of a health concern than a legal one, possession charges can be easily dropped in lieu of a drug rehabilitation program. In contrast, possession of drugs with the intent to sell is viewed as a more destructive crime, as a guilty individual would be deliberately contributing to that health concern.

At Saint & Associates, PLLP, we assume innocence at all time and do our best to lessen or completely drop these charges. We utilize all of our efforts toward fighting the prosecution and winning your freedom.


In the United States, the prosecution has the burden of proof. This means it is their job to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you or your loved had the intent to sell. Because intent is a vague concept, this can be harder to prove in a courtroom setting than most people think.

A large quantity of drugs is not enough to assume intent to sell. Adversely, a drug dealer could have a small amount and is indeed with the intention to sell.

  • This forces the police and other investigators to search for circumstantial evidence, such as:
  • Text records
  • Packing materials, like baggies
  • Measuring devices
  • Weapons
  • Records of clients


This evidence is very much true to its name: circumstantial. The mere presence of these items does not immediately prove the intention, it only suggests it. Our legal team at Saint & Associates, PLLP is committed to challenging the prosecution to prove beyond doubt your intention, and we will be challenging their evidence every step of the way. Serious charges such as these demand serious legal defense, and we are just the team to provide it.

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