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Tulsa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Suffering a spinal cord injury is a life-altering event that can result in overwhelming stress and uncertainty. Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, loss of motor function, and even permanent confinement to a wheelchair. You may be confined to a nursing or rehabilitation facility for some time, and even after you can return home, you may require 24-hour care.

If negligence led to your injuries, a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help you determine if you can make any claims for compensation against the allegedly negligent parties. Due to the catastrophic nature of these injuries, anyone who is in this situation may wish to seek the advice of a Tulsa spinal cord injury lawyer.

Accidents That May Result in Spinal Cord Injuries

Any time someone’s back or neck suffers a profound impact or blow, a spinal cord injury may result. This type of impact can cause the partial or total severing of the spinal cord as well as fractures or compression of vertebrae, among other related problems. One common source of spinal cord injuries is motor vehicle accidents, especially those in which individuals sustain a massive impact from behind.

Accidents involving falls also may easily result in spinal cord injuries. A hard fall can cause enough of an impact to fracture vertebrae and expose the nerves of the spinal column to trauma. Whether the fall is due to slipping on spilled liquid in a grocery store or falling from a ladder on a construction site, individuals may suffer catastrophic spinal cord injuries that can require long-term medical and rehabilitative care.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Tulsa

Spinal cords are fragile, and its nerve tissues are incapable of regeneration after they have suffered trauma. Although there have been many advances in medical technology for spinal cord injuries, there is still no cure, so the injuries tend to be permanent.

In many cases, a spinal cord injury results in total or partial paralysis, which typically requires the use of a wheelchair and other assistive devices. As a Tulsa spinal cord injury attorney may advise, spinal cord injuries below the hip may cause paralysis only to the legs, whereas injuries higher up on the spinal cord can result in quadriplegia, or the inability to move any limbs.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Oklahoma Statutes §12-95(A)(3) sets forth the statute of limitations in personal injury claims filed in Oklahoma. This statute provides that injury victims generally only have two years from the date of their accidents in which to file their claims for compensation.

Failing to meet the statute of limitations can result in an inability to file claims for compensation from the responsible parties. A spinal cord injury lawyer in Tulsa could help an injury victim build their claim within this timeframe and ensure that they meet all deadlines in their case.

A Tulsa Spinal Cord Injury Attorney May Be Able to Help

Spinal cord injuries may have a significant effect on your everyday activities. You may require constant medical care and be unable to return to work. Fortunately, if the negligence of others causes a spinal cord injury or another catastrophic injury, a Tulsa spinal cord injury lawyer may be able to advocate on behalf of you and your loved ones.

Allowing legal counsel to deal with financial and legal matters on your behalf may help you to focus solely on your recovery. Call today to learn more about what may be possible in your circumstances.