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Tulsa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

When catastrophic accidents occur, you may suffer from injuries that necessitate a lifetime of medical treatment, medical bills, permanent disabilities, and other consequences. If you have sustained these injuries due to the negligence of others, you may be entitled to damages for your losses. As a result, consulting a Tulsa catastrophic injury lawyer after this type of accident may be highly beneficial to you.

Permanent impairments suffered in an accident caused by others can prevent you from returning to work, and you may need financial support as you recover from your injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney could evaluate your case and determine whether you have valid claims for damages against any parties.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries in Tulsa

Catastrophic injuries are particularly severe and may result in permanent limitations or impairments. Some of these injuries may include:

Injury victims may also suffer from spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis and other extreme injuries. These injuries can take a significant amount of time to heal, requiring multiple surgeries or treatments and potentially causing impairments that are life-altering for victims.

Complications can arise from surgery and other treatments that catastrophic injury victims receive for their injuries. These can result in further delays in recovery, additional time off work, and more pain and suffering for these individuals. With the assistance of a catastrophic injury attorney in Tulsa, injury victims may be able to receive financial compensation for their losses.

Tulsa Catastrophic Injury Claims and Damages

Damages available in Tulsa personal injury claims vary significantly according to the type and extent of the injuries that individuals have sustained in the accident. Potentially recoverable kinds of damages may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages from being unable to work
  • Surgery, rehabilitation, and medication costs
  • Pain and suffering

The dollar value of recoverable damages is likely to be different in every case. In catastrophic injury cases, though, the potential for large amounts of damages is greater, since injury victims may require more intensive and lengthier courses of medical treatment.

Statute of Limitations and Catastrophic Injury Claims

Under Oklahoma Statutes §12-95(A)(3), injury victims have a limited amount of time in which to file a personal injury claim following an accident. Failure to file a claim within the appropriate timeline can result in an inability to seek any compensation for injuries sustained.

In Oklahoma, injury victims must file all personal injury claims within two years of the date of the accident that caused their injuries. Due to this statute of limitations, injury victims should not hesitate to contact a catastrophic injury lawyer in Tulsa who could work to ensure they file on time.

Seek a Tulsa Catastrophic Injury Attorney for Help

Catastrophic injuries can cause permanent impairments that can be completely life-altering, both personally and professionally. You may accrue significant medical expenses, lose income, or lose the ability to work and support your family in the future.

When the negligence of others has led to your injuries, a Tulsa catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation that you might be entitled to. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.