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Evidence in Tulsa Car Accident Cases

The importance of evidence in Tulsa car accident cases cannot be understated. Without an attorney who could gather evidence and present it in an eloquent manner, you may not be able to recover the compensation you need after your wreck. Instead of risking a lower settlement amount, work with an accomplished car collision attorney who could help.

How Tulsa Lawyers Gather Evidence

Once an experienced attorney has received a call to retain an injured person due to an auto accident, the attorney could:

  • Gather witness statements (if they exist)
  • Contact witnesses to obtain information regarding the accident (if there are any)
  • Gather police reports
  • Interview the investigating officer
  • Interview any other authority that was on the scene
  • If there was an accident reconstructionist who took pictures of the accident scene and examined the damaged vehicle, they may interview them and obtain copies of pictures
  • Take laser measurements of the intersections involved so that they can estimate speed and direction to travel.

The more complex the accident, the more investigative duties involved in the accident are. The simplest rear-end collision right up to a multi-vehicle accident. They have the resources and the financial obligation required to bring in other more involved experts in order to establish liability.

Specific Evidence Attorneys Could Search For

An attorney could search for any evidence that would help establish negligence. Much of this could include:

  • Was the irresponsible party intoxicated
  • Was the other driver inattentive
  • Did someone not stay in their lane properly
  • If cellphones were involved
  • If any car was defective

There is an overwhelming number of things to look at given any particular accident. Every car accident is different and the attorney is not going to be on scene at the time of the accident. Because of this, contacting an attorney should be a victim’s priority after seeking medical treatment.

Timelines for Collecting and Presenting Evidence in Court

The length of time to collect all evident necessary for trial varies drastically. A simple rear-ender is probably not going to go to trial because it is straight forward who was negligent. Conversely, there are cases that take significantly more time because of their complexity. An accident involving a semi-truck could take much more time because much more needs to be looked at by a lawyer. These cases could take years to obtain all the evidence necessary to make sure that the trucking company and driver were following all the federal rules and Department of Transportation rules.

Speak to a Dedicated Legal Professional for Help

Car accidents are unforgiving and an unfortunate part of everyday life. Nobody suspects that they would ever be involved in one. However, when these wrecks occur, they leave victims like yourself understandably overwhelmed and confused as to how you may return to life prior to the wreck. Fortunately, there are attorneys who could work to gather evidence in Tulsa car accident cases and fight for the compensation you need from a negligent party. Reach out to start your consultation today.