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Recovering Tulsa Car Accident Damages Through Insurance

While negotiating with insurance companies after a car crash could be overwhelming for injured individuals, it is a necessary step to obtain the compensation that could cover the plaintiff’s financial costs. Recovering Tulsa car accident damages through insurance could be tricky since companies could use their vast resources to deny or devalue a person’s claim. Therefore, it may be crucial to hire a seasoned attorney to review your case and help you recover car accident damages.

Car Crash Damages Covered by Insurance

Car insurance coverage can be complicated due to the different versions of coverage that one can obtain. While there are multiple types of auto coverage, liability coverage is where an injured person can collect from an insurance policy. In Oklahoma, individuals are required to carry a minimum of $25,000 in liability coverage. It should be noted that the minimum policy is called a 25-50 policy, which means the insurance company will either pay a maximum of $25,000 to each injured person or it will pay $50,000 divided among all the injured people. There are also 100-300 policies and 500-1 million policies which are all the maximum amounts that a person could recover following a vehicle wreck.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

It is estimated that roughly 30 percent of the drivers in Oklahoma do not have any kind of insurance coverage at all. Insurance companies in Oklahoma are required to offer an individual what is called underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage will kick in if another person injures an individual that either does not have any insurance.

It may also help if the insurance will not cover the fair value of the claim. While this plan coverage could lead to complications, it is crucial for people to know whether they wish to reject uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage in Oklahoma.

With all these uninsured drivers on the road, uninsured or underinsured coverage may very well be the only money available to compensate an injured party for their damages. An accomplished attorney who is experienced with recovering car accident damages through insurance in Tulsa could help an injured person understand their coverage and legal options.

Who is Responsible for Paying Property Damage?

The at-fault driver’s insurance policy normally covers property damage if that provision is in their policy. If it is not in the policy, then the injured person’s insurance policy will cover the property damage that they incur as a result of the accident. However, this could affect the injured person’s insurance premiums.

Damage Caps No Longer Apply in Tulsa Automobile Wreck Cases

Previously, non-economic damages in Oklahoma were capped at $350,000. However, that is no longer the case as the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that caps on non-economic damages were unconstitutional. Therefore, injured victims could possibly recover more damages for pain and suffering than before. For more information about non-economic damages and recovering Tulsa car crash damages through insurance, contact an attorney today.

A Tulsa Lawyer Could Help With Recovering Car Wreck Damages Through Insurance

An attorney could help a plaintiff establish liability for their car crash. Legal counsel could begin with proving to the insurance company that their insured driver was at fault for the accident.

Well-versed attorneys could build a case for non-economic damages based on what they can show the court or an insurance adjuster about how the injured person’s life has changed after the wreck. This includes detailing what the person was like before and after the wreck, what things they could do before that they are unable to take part in now, and how their relationships have been affected after the accident. To learn more about how an attorney could help you with recovering Tulsa car accident damages through insurance, call today and schedule a free consultation.