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Common Causes of Tulsa Car Accidents

Car crashes could be caused by countless reasons and may have any number of consequences on the people involved. It is crucial for drivers to understand the common causes of Tulsa car accidents before they drive. Doing so could help them avoid crashes, or may allow them to be better prepared in the event of a wreck. Contact an experienced car accident attorney for answers to any of your questions.

Examples of Common Causes of Automobile Wrecks in Tulsa

The most common cause of car crashes in Tulsa is distracted driving. Drivers often focus on their cellphone and text while they should be focusing on the road. Radios and various other distractions also distract drivers from properly operating their motor vehicle.

Drunk driving is also a frequent occurrence in Tulsa. It is common knowledge that a person’s ability to drive and foresee hazards on the road is greatly diminished when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Poor weather conditions can also lead to car wrecks. Rain, ice, and other adverse weather conditions can impact an individual’s ability to see, stop, and make turns.

Impact of Weather on a Car Wreck Case

Every driver should take the weather into consideration when operating their vehicle since it is a common cause of car crashes in Tulsa. While speed limits are a suggestion and there is a maximum allowable speed on the roads, this does not give drivers the right to drive at those speeds no matter the road conditions. Oklahoma is known for icy conditions, and it is common knowledge to think that if a person is in the middle of an ice storm or freezing rain that they should not be driving 65 miles an hour on a highway.

Individuals who drive so fast in such conditions will not be able to stop if they hit an icy patch. Heavy rain can also reduce the amount of traction the tires have and can lead to a wreck.

Why Contact a Car Collision Lawyer When Injured in an Accident

If a person was injured in a Tulsa car accident, they should know that insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims. Insurance companies are a for-profit business and are in the business of collecting premiums. If these companies do not make a profit, it will not stay in business. To maximize the profits that it makes, these companies attempt to minimize the number of claims that it pays out for individuals who have been injured.

Fortunately, a lawyer could look out for the best interests of an injured individual and help them collect the compensation that they deserve. A skilled attorney could review the facts of the case and fight the complainant’s rights.

Speak with an Attorney Regarding the Common Causes of Tulsa Car Accidents

While each vehicle crash is unique, there are many common causes of Tulsa car accidents. It is critical for victims of vehicle automobile crashes to contact an adept defense who could review the details of their crash case and build their claim. A seasoned lawyer will have the experience to handle a person’s claim no matter how the crash was caused. Reach out to an attorney today and schedule your consultation.