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Appealing a Tulsa Car Accident Case

In the event that a car accident trial results in an unfavorable verdict for the plaintiff, there may be an opportunity for them to contest this decision under certain circumstances. If trail procedures were not followed or some other miscarriage of justice occurred, a formal appeal of a civil court’s ruling could lead to a more positive outcome for an accident victim.

When appealing a Tulsa car accident case, retaining seasoned legal counsel can be even more important than it is for effectively filing a case in the first place. The civil appeals process can be complex and difficult to navigate alone, but a qualified car accident lawyer could stand by an injured party’s side and ensure they put their best possible appeal forward.

How to Appeal a Civil Verdict

A civil plaintiff in Tulsa can appeal their case to the Court of Civil Appeals or the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The Circuit Court of Appeals may issue their decision faster and typically advises the parties regarding the issue on appeal more quickly than the State Supreme Court.

A plaintiff can also petition the Oklahoma Supreme Court to retain their appeal for review, and it is up to the Oklahoma Supreme Court to retain the case or send it back to the Court of Civil Appeals. Once the plaintiff is through that process, they may choose to appeal to the Circuit Court of Appeals or the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado and have them review the case.

What If an Appeal Is Unsuccessful?

A case may only be appealed once, but there are various levels of courts through which a plaintiff can proceed. If they lose in either the Court of Civil Appeals or Oklahoma Supreme Court, they can subsequently appeal it to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado. If they lose in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, they could appeal to the U.S. Attorney.

As long as an appeal has not reached the U.S. Supreme Court, a plaintiff can appeal to the next higher court if they lose. However, this sequence of appeals rarely happens in auto accident cases, and once the plaintiff has exhausted those avenues of appeal, they are done. Accordingly, an appeal can take several years depending on the court and the case, especially if the plaintiff appealed to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

How an Attorney Could Help with the Appeals Process for a Car Crash Case in Tulsa

Pursuing compensation for damages or a settlement after a car accident can be difficult without also having to worry about whether the court will adhere to proper procedures and give you a fair verdict. Fortunately, if you believe a verdict against you was made in error, you may have grounds to appeal that ruling.

A skilled attorney could help with appealing a Tulsa car accident case by utilizing their extensive knowledge and education to craft a compelling argument and navigate legal avenues. The appellate process is complicated and nearly impossible for those who do not have formal legal training or education, but qualified lawyers could assist accident victims as they appeal to whichever court they deem necessary. Call today to learn more.