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Sapulpa Truck Accident Lawyer

Drivers of commercial trucks have a duty to safely operate their vehicles to avoid causing injuries on the roadways. If a truck driver is impaired, fatigued, or distracted, they may be more likely to make mistakes, which could lead to severe injuries and damages. Commercial trucks are so massive that any accident involving a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler could result in permanent or disabling injuries.

For assistance in seeking compensation, you may wish to consult a Sapulpa truck accident lawyer. It could be difficult to handle a civil action claim alone, so contact a seasoned personal injury attorney for help instead if you were injured in a truck crash due to another’s negligence.

Recoverable Damages in a Civil Action Claim

The amount of damages a truck accident victim could recover depends on the circumstances surrounding their claim. More severe injuries may necessitate more costly medical treatments and have a more significant impact on a person’s ability to earn wages, and the mental and emotional effect of an injury could be devastating to them as well.

Generally, a victim of a truck accident may seek compensation for the following types of damages:

  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Costs of rehabilitation services and physical therapy
  • Costs of medical devices or equipment

Under the statute of limitations established by Oklahoma state law, injured individuals have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. This filing deadline is crucial because an attempt to file a lawsuit after the deadline has passed may result in a dismissal of the claim, which would make an injured party ineligible to recover damages. A Sapulpa truck wreck attorney could help an injured party ascertain the deadline for their claim in their case and determine if any exceptions may apply.

Liability in a Sapulpa Truck Wreck Case

Many parties may be held liable in a truck wreck case. Truck drivers themselves may be liable for damages which flow from their failure to exercise reasonable care in the operation of their vehicles. Speeding, texting while driving, or fatigued driving could contribute to an accident and accident-related injuries.

Beside commercial drivers, truck companies may also be liable for damages. Truck companies have the responsibility to follow state and federal guidelines and regulations, as well as additional duties during the hiring process. If a truck company fails to perform appropriate checks of a driver’s background or driving history, they may be liable for hiring or retaining truck drivers who lacked qualifications for the job and subsequently caused a wreck.

Finally, defective automotive parts can lead to severe accidents, and the manufacturer could be liable for the harm that their defective products cause. A truck accident lawyer in Sapulpa could assist in determining which individuals or parties could be liable for damages.

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Personal injury claims involving large trucks are often more complicated to handle than those based on accidents between passenger cars. Depending on the severity of the crash, multiple parties could be held liable for damages.

Speak to a Sapulpa truck accident lawyer for assistance if you or someone you love suffered an injury in a truck crash due to a person or company’s negligence. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.