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Owasso Slip and Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall accident could occur anywhere in the city of Owasso– at work, a friend’s house, the supermarket, or even Ator Park. Regardless of where your fall happened, the consequences of the accident could be severe. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of accidents across America and some may even be fatal. While some falls may be avoidable, many occur due to the negligence of the property owner. If you sustained injuries in a fall and it was someone else’s fault, you might want to meet with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

If you believe a property owner is responsible for your fall, you have the right to file a lawsuit and pursue compensation for your damages. An Owasso slip and fall lawyer could act as an advocate at your side and help you seek the justice you deserve.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Every slip and fall accident is a little different based on the scenario. These accidents could occur anywhere and at any time. However, there are some common circumstances in Owasso that often lead to an increased risk of a fall including:

  • Wet or icy pavement
  • Broken stairs or handrails
  • Spilled food or liquids
  • Uneven pavement
  • Loose rugs
  • Bunched carpet
  • Poor lighting

Investigating the cause of a fall is one of the main ways a Owasso slip and fall attorney could help. Definitively knowing how the accident occurred is crucial in determining if a tumble victim has a right to compensation. When that injury is the result of a proprietor’s negligence, the plaintiff may be able to obtain monetary compensation for their injuries and medical costs.

Duties of Care Owed to Visitors in Owasso

Not every injury that occurs on another person’s property will lead to a viable legal claim, so it is essential to define the relationship between the victim and defendant.

Under Oklahoma law, a landowner only owes a duty to certain visitors that lawfully enter their property. A trip and fall attorney must show the jury that their client was entitled to a duty of care from the property owner. Visitors to private property and their relationship to the proprietor falls into one of three categories.


Invitees are the most common form of visitor. An invitee is someone that enters the property for the benefit of the landowner. Typically, invitees are business customers or property tenants or members of the public with implicit invitations to enter public property. For invitees, property owners must warn of dangerous hazards that might not be visible, and maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition.


Property owners owe fewer duties to a licensee compared to an invitee. A licensee is someone who enters another’s property for their own benefit. The most common example of a licensee is a social guest. Property owners in Owasso must warn licensees of unforeseen any hazards on the property.


Property owners generally owe no duty to trespassers as they are parties that enter someone’s property without permission. However, a property owner may owe a duty to small children that trespass in some cases where it was reasonable to assume children would be attracted to hazards.

Contact a Fall Injury Attorney

Recovering from injuries related to a slip and fall accident can be challenging. To focus on your recovery, you may want a seasoned Owasso slip and fall lawyer assist you with your claim. To discuss your options for compensation and justice, contact an Owasso slip and fall attorney for a consultation right away.