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Owasso Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite can have a lasting effect on anyone in Owasso. These bites may lead to serious or debilitating injuries. While large dogs generally present the most significant risk, bites from small dogs may also have permanent consequences. Thankfully, state law allows for victims to seek compensation for their damages.

If a dog in Owasso has bitten you, it could be in your best interest to discuss your case with an experienced injury attorney immediately. You have legal rights following a dog bite injury, but delays in pursuing compensation might negatively affect your claim. For a free case evaluation, contact an Owasso dog bite lawyer right away.

Oklahoma Dog Bite Laws

Some states have a one-bite rule which only holds a dog owner accountable if their dog had a history of biting. Other states have a strict liability standard, which holds dog owners accountable regardless of whether they gave notice that their dog was dangerous. Oklahoma has adopted a strict liability standard.

Oklahoma Statute 4-42.1 outlines liability in Owasso dog bite cases. A dog bite attorney could hold the owner of the Owasso dog accountable if they prove:

  • The defendant owns the dog in question
  • The dog injured the plaintiff
  • The bite occurred at a location where the plaintiff had a right to be

There is no need to establish that the dog owner knew their pet was dangerous or that the dog had previously attacked another Owasso resident. The statute applies to any injury caused by a dog such as falls.

Defenses in an Owasso Dog Bite Lawsuit

While justice and compensation are always the hope of any personal injury lawsuit, there are some defenses a skilled attorney will watch out for. One common defense in a dog bite claim is provocation. The statute is clear that a dog owner is not responsible for damages resulting from a bite if the plaintiff provoked the animal. Provocation can come in many forms, including poking, yelling, or generally harassing the dog. A plaintiff that provokes a dog is not entitled to damages from their owner following a bite.

Additionally, if a plaintiff was trespassing at the time of the bite, they may be barred from recovery. If the victim was bitten in their own home or in a public space, they could have a valid claim but if they were trespassing on the dog owner’s property, it is unlikely they will recover compensation.

Contact an Owasso Dog Bite Attorney Right Away

If you experienced a bite or other attack from a dog in Owasso, the resulting injuries could be severe and you may be entitled to compensation. Oklahoma is a strict liability state and you have many rights, but one small mistake during a lawsuit could be fatal to your claim.

To potentially maximize your monetary recovery, discuss your case with an Owasso dog bite lawyer right away. With the right legal help, you could get the compensation you deserve.