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Owasso Defective Products Lawyer

The vast majority of consumer products used daily in Owasso are safe when used as instructed. However, some defects result in severe injuries. It is unjust for a victim to shoulder expenses stemming from the injury. If you were injured by a defective product, a personal injury attorney could help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

If you have sustained an injury from a defective product, you should never allow the liable corporations to intimidate you. While they have the resources to fight back against any claim, with the help of an Owasso defective products lawyer, you might be able to win compensation. Contact a practiced personal injury attorney today to begin the litigation process.

Common Causes of Defective Product Claims

There are no firm guidelines on what makes a product dangerous or defective. Any product could harm a consumer under certain conditions. However, certain products commonly result in dangerous defects. An Owasso defective products attorney should be aware of these common claims and plan their litigation strategy accordingly. Examples of items that commonly result in defective product claims include:

  • Children’s toys
  • Cars and car parts
  • Industrial machinery
  • Chemicals or cleaning products
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Small appliances

Types of Defective Products Lawsuits

There are three broad categories of defective products, each of which could result in a viable injury claim. Understanding these categories could help an injury victim prepare for the litigation process. An experienced defective products lawyer in Owasso could help victims understand these categories and answer any related questions.

The three types of defective product claims are:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Defective design
  • Inadequate warnings

Defective Manufacturing

Defects commonly occur during the manufacturing process due to human error or manufacturing equipment failure during the process. Due to this wide range of outcomes, these defects could impact a small batch of products or the entire line.

Defective Design

Some products are inherently dangerous due to their design. When the defect occurs during the design stage, it typically affects every product manufactured in the entire product line, and an accomplished lawyer may be able to pursue justice for anybody affected.

Inadequate Warnings

A defective products claim is only viable if the plaintiff used the product as intended but some instructions are so confusing or poorly worded that it may be impossible for a consumer to understand how to use a product safely. This type of defective product claim could also relate to missing warnings on a product’s packaging. If a product contains substantial dangers in certain situations or to certain users, it requires additional warnings on the packaging or within the instructions. If these warnings are absent or inadequate, they could lead to a viable claim for damages.

Discuss Your Options with an Owasso Defective Products Attorney

If you believe you have suffered an injury in Owasso due to a faulty product, you are entitled to pursue damages against the manufacturer. The manufacturer likely has exhaustive resources for litigation, but a valid claim in the hands of a skilled injury attorney could prevail.

The process of pursuing a defective products claim in Owasso can be long and challenging. To pursue the justice and compensation you deserve, contact an Owasso defective products lawyer today.