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Owasso Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The human brain is responsible for controlling every single thing we do, every day. When the brain suffers an injury, the results can be devastating and permanent. Brain injury victims may require expensive medical treatment, potentially for the rest of their lives. An Owasso traumatic brain injury lawyer could work to help you obtain financial compensation from those who carelessly cause this type of injury. A personal injury lawsuit could help victims get the compensation they need to live their lives after an accident, and the justice they deserve. Call a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney today.

Defining Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any injury that affects the brain. Examples of TBIs include:

  • Blows to the head from a foreign object
  • Punctures through the skull and into the brain
  • Anything that would cause the brain to hit the sides of the skull

Traumatic brain injuries often get worse with time. The longer the time between the injury and when the person begins receiving treatment, the damage may be exacerbated. People who experience any loss of consciousness, difficulty balancing or walking, or a persistent headache should seek immediate medical attention.

Attorneys in Owasso with experience handling TBI cases will investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. Important evidence could include the names of potential witnesses and the victim’s medical file will be necessary for a seasoned lawyer to advise a TBI victim whether they might recover compensation.

Facts about Owasso TBI Lawsuits

Some traumatic brain injury survivors could pursue a claim of compensation against the person he or she believes caused the TBI. Personal injury lawsuits must commence within two years of the injury. Victims may be eligible for compensation if they are able to prove that the defendant’s negligent or reckless behavior directly caused the injury.

The amount of financial compensation TBI victims are eligible to receive depends on the economic costs at present and in the future. Expensive doctors’ visits and therapists’ fees, a reduction in earning potential, and the inability to enjoy leisurely activities in the same way are all compensable expenses and losses. If the victim can reasonably be expected to have TBI-related costs in the future and can quantify these expenses, they may be compensable as well. Victims may even be able to seek compensation for the pain and suffering they have endured. For help with recovering compensation, contact an accomplished traumatic brain injury lawyer in Owasso.

What to Discuss with an Owasso Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injury victims interested in obtaining compensatory damages for their injuries should speak a knowledgeable TBI attorney in Owasso about their legal rights. By retaining an experienced personal injury attorney, TBI victims could collect the necessary evidence to calculate their losses and sue for appropriate recovery.

Relevant evidence and witness memories may fade or even disappear the more time passes, making it hard to succeed in one’s lawsuit. An Owasso traumatic brain injury lawyer could take steps to preserve this information and turn it into a compelling argument for a substantial monetary settlement, or award at trial. Contact an attorney today to get started on your case.