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Owasso Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis is a debilitating condition that could rob victims of their mobility and independence. While there are various medical conditions that may cause paralysis, injuries and physical trauma can also result in the loss of movement. When a person is paralyzed after suffering a serious personal injury, that person is rarely in a financial position where the person can afford the bills and expenses that this new diagnosis brings.

An experienced Owasso paralysis injury lawyer is familiar with the challenges that paralyzation presents and could be an invaluable partner in finding solutions to your concerns. An injury lawsuit filed against the person who injured you and caused your paralysis may be the solution you need to support yourself and your family financially. Call a compassionate personal injury attorney today.

Paralysis Types and Symptoms

Paralysis is an umbrella term that could describe several different conditions. Not all paralysis is permanent, and paralysis can affect all or some of a person’s appendages. In some cases, paralysis may only affect the arm and leg on one side of the body or both arms and legs, but always involves the partial or total loss of use in affected limbs.

Paralysis occurs when trauma or disease damages the spinal cord and nerves connecting the brain with other parts of the body. Limbs and body parts below the site of injury then become paralyzed. For example, an injury in the lower back may only impact a person’s legs, while a neck injury may result in total paralysis from the shoulders down.

People with partial or total paralysis may experience difficulties in walking, balancing, and completing everyday tasks like getting dressed. They may require leg braces or wheelchairs to get from one place to another. Additionally, a person with paralysis may require the assistance of an aide throughout the day. Contact a knowledgeable lawyer for more information about paralysis injuries and how to file a claim.

Owasso Personal Injury Lawsuit Principles

When a victim’s paralysis is the result of someone else’s recklessness, the injured party may file a claim in court against that other person. The two parties might reach a settlement for a set amount of compensation, otherwise, the case will go to trial.

Injured parties may then be entitled to receive a financial judgment. The judgment will be in an amount that provides reasonable compensation for medical expenses, healthcare costs, missed wages, pain and anguish, and other similar losses. A dedicated paralysis injury lawyer in Owasso could help an injured victim recover the damages that they deserve.

The Benefits of Retaining an Owasso Paralysis Injury Attorney

The judicial process is often complicated, and plaintiffs must meet several deadlines throughout a case. Failing to meet these deadlines, failing to support your allegations with enough facts, or not responding to the other party’s legal maneuvers could all lead to a dismissal of your case and a denial of any recovery at all.

An Owasso attorney with knowledge about these types of claims could assist you in gathering evidence to build your case. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help you negotiate for a favorable settlement or prepare you for victory at trial. Act swiftly in contacting your Owasso paralysis injury lawyer to start your case before the deadlines.