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Owasso Burn Injury Lawyer

Incredible pain, scarring, and disfigurement are some of the ways a severe burn injury might impact your life. While people do not usually intend to burn someone else, many burns are directly caused by the actions of others. Inattentiveness or reckless behaviors could quickly lead to first-, second-, or even third-degree burns, and permanent impairment.

The severity of the burn will dictate the extent of your harm, but even moderately-serious burns may require medical treatment. An Owasso burn injury lawyer could help you and your loved ones obtain fair compensation for the damages you have suffered, both financial and emotional. Contact an experienced catastrophic injury attorney today.

The Three Degrees of Burn Injuries

Most every burn is classified as one of three degrees. These categories help medical professionals and lawyers talk about the severity of the wound. First-degree burns are generally superficial and only affect the outermost layers of skin. While painful, first-degree burns rarely require much treatment beyond basic first-aid.

Second-degree burns are more serious, harming deeper layers of tissue. When second-degree burns are widespread on the body, professional medical help may be necessary. Likewise, when a second-degree burn affects a sensitive body part like the face or genitals, emergency medical treatment should be sought. Second-degree burns usually heal, but they might leave permanent scars.

Third-degree burns are the most serious, impacting the deepest layers of tissue and even bone in extreme cases. With these burns, pain medications and antibiotics are often necessary to prevent infection, manage suffering, and treat the burn. Skin grafts may be required, and scarring is almost certain. For more information and how a legal professional could help a burn victim recover damages, contact a well-versed lawyer.

What Causes a Burn Injury?

There are various types of burns. A burn could happen as a result of contact with a hot liquid or surface. Burns may also result from contact with caustic chemicals, electricity, or exposure to radiation. Burns could happen anytime someone handles or works around a burn hazard.

When these conditions and the resulting injury occur because a party was negligent or careless, there may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. In Oklahoma, a person who carelessly and physically hurts another person may be responsible for paying compensation to the victim. Evidence such as medical records, photographs and diagrams, and eyewitness statements are typically used to show that both the responsible party behaved carelessly and that their behavior caused the burn. A seasoned burn injury lawyer in Owasso could help an injured individual gather evidence and recover compensation.

Call an Owasso Burn Injury Attorney for Assistance

Severe burn injuries often require emergency room treatment, surgeries, cosmetic procedures, and expensive prescription medication regimens. The victim may also require time off of work to recover, losing wages during that time. Burn victims could face the difficulties of coping with their injuries and changed abilities, as well as potentially crushing medical debt.

Your Owasso burn injury lawyer understands the gravity of what you and your family face after severe burn accidents. By retaining a personal injury attorney, you could fight for the compensation you need, and the justice you deserve. Contact experienced legal counsel in your area to start the process of filing your case today.