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Owasso Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries are wounds that result in permanent disfigurement or disability, requiring continual and expensive medical treatment. These injuries could significantly impact your quality of life. You may be powerless to do anything to prevent such incidents from happening, especially when they come about as a result of the poor and careless decisions of others.

A qualified and experienced Owasso catastrophic injury lawyer could help you and your family obtain financial damages to help offset the costs and monetary impact of your wounds. Reaching out and speaking with a compassionate attorney about your personal injury claim is the first step.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries and Their Causes

Catastrophic injuries can happen indoors or outdoors, and they can happen in an instant, or the harm can build and intensify after a seemingly-benign accident. Catastrophic injuries often include:

  • Blunt force or piercing injuries to the head or skull
  • Trauma to the spinal column or neck
  • Damage causing a loss of consciousness
  • Incidents causing the loss of a limb or body part
  • Disfiguring, scarring, or deforming injuries

When someone is not paying attention while handling heavy machinery, is distracted by a text message behind the wheel of a vehicle, or is simply not giving due care to what they are doing, they may be considered negligent, and liable for any damages. When facing a catastrophic injury, a lawyer in Owasso could be a staunch advocate, pursuing compensation in an attempt to make the victim whole again.

Process of an Oklahoma Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit

After a catastrophic injury, the injured victim may begin a lawsuit against the any responsible party by filing a petition in an Owasso court. If the two sides cannot resolve the conflict in a settlement, the case will eventually go to trial. At trial, plaintiffs must prove that they sustained their injury due to the carelessness of that other party.

The successful plaintiff can receive a monetary judgment or order directing the defendant to pay the plaintiff’s expenses and costs related to the catastrophic injury. This includes all bills related to the injury and potentially compensation for future costs or lost income. By partnering with a seasoned catastrophic injury lawyer in Owasso, plaintiffs take an essential step toward ensuring they receive the compensation needed for their medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

An Owasso Catastrophic Injury Attorney is Just a Call Away

Because severe personal injury lawsuits are quite complex, you should speak with an Owasso catastrophic injury lawyer as soon as possible about any potential claims. Oklahoma’s two-year statute of limitations means that you must file lawsuits and claims for compensation quickly or forfeit your right to pursue recompense.

Your attorney could talk with you about whether or not a settlement may be a possible resolution to your case. Your lawyer might also help you consider what past and future expenses must be accounted for when calculating damages. Take action toward your physical and financial recovery by speaking with seasoned legal counsel today.