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Owasso Car Accident Lawyer

In 2017 in Oklahoma, there were approximately 196 vehicle collisions each day according to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. Many of these collisions may leave people seriously injured. If you sustained an injury as a result of an Owasso car accident, a seasoned personal injury attorney could guide you through the process of obtaining monetary compensation.

When you make an injury claim following an accident, it is possible to reach a settlement with the responsible party without ever stepping foot in a courtroom. However, some car accident cases are complicated and may only be resolved through litigation. To learn if you have a valid injury claim, hire an Owasso car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Available Damages in a Car Accident Case

The damages available in an Owasso car crash case may vary depending on the severity of the crash and injuries sustained. Besides damages related to physical injuries, a plaintiff could also recover compensation for lost wages or property damage. It is essential to discuss potential damages available in a car accident case with an experienced auto wreck attorney before filing a suit.

Medical Bills

The most commonly pursued damages in car accident cases are medical bills. When an accident leads to severe injury, the bills can be significant. Besides the emergency room visit following a crash, the plaintiff could also seek compensation for necessary ongoing care like follow-up visits, physical therapy, or chiropractic care.

Lost Wages

If a plaintiff is forced to miss work after an accident due to their injury, they may seek to recover their lost wages resulting from an accident. If the injuries impact a plaintiff’s future earning potential, the plaintiff may seek justice for those damages as well.

Property Repair Bills

If a plaintiff’s vehicle sustains damage in a crash, the cost of repairing or replacing that vehicle might be significant. Property damage repair bills are a common component in Owasso car accident lawsuits.

Comparative Fault in an Owasso Car Accident Lawsuit

Damages are easy to understand in cases where the blame for the collision lies entirely with the negligent driver. However, plaintiffs may still have some level of fault in the accident though this will not bar their right to recovery.

Oklahoma uses the comparative fault model. A plaintiff’s contributory negligence will not completely bar them from recovering damages though it will reduce the amount of damages awarded proportionate to their negligence.

It is the job of the jury to determine both the value of a plaintiff’s claim and their level of contributory negligence. The jury will assign a percentage of fault for the accident to each party involved. A plaintiff cannot recover any damages if the jury finds them to be more than 50 percent at fault for the accident. To recover fair compensation, a seasoned vehicle collision attorney in Owasso must prove the value of those damages and convince the jury that their client is not primarily at fault.

Contact an Owasso Car Accident Attorney Right Away

If you sustained a serious injury in an Owasso car crash, you do not have to fight for the compensation you deserve alone. With seasoned legal counsel, you could recover monetary damages from the responsible party, freeing you to focus on your recovery. To learn more, contact an Owasso car accident lawyer today.