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Owasso Boat Accident Lawyer

Whether it is Lake Oologah or Skiatook, the lakes near Owasso provide opportunities for relaxation and rest, but they also have significant risks. These lakes are often busy on beautiful days, increasing the odds of a boat crash. These crashes may have severe consequences, combining the injuries of a vehicle crash with the threat of drowning.

If you sustained an injury in an Owasso boat crash, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for your medical bills, boat damage, and other expenses related to the collision. With the right injury attorney, you could maximize the compensation available to you. Contact an Owasso boat accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

Potential Defendants in a Boat Accident Lawsuit

Identifying the person or entity responsible for a boat crash is one of the primary roles of an Owasso boat accident attorney. There are many factors could lead to an Owasso boat crash, and in some cases those factors combine to cause an accident. Some parties commonly at fault in Owasso boating accident cases include:

Boat Operators

Most Owasso boating accidents occur as a result of operator error. When the operator of a boat is negligent, they risk colliding with another boat, fixed object, or swimmer. Examples of negligent boating include operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or failing to keep a proper lookout.

Boat Owners

Boat owners might face liability in an Owasso boat crash lawsuit as well. If an owner allows a person that is intoxicated or incapable of operating a boat safely, they could be liable for any resulting damages.


In some cases, unruly passengers lead to boating injuries. A passenger could cause a boat crash if their careless or reckless acts cause them to impact the operator and cause a crash. One passenger might also injure another by knocking them overboard while the boat is moving.

Boat Manufacturers

Many potential causes of boat accidents are due to defects in the design or building of the vessel. When a faulty part or production process causes injuries, the manufacturers or sellers of the boat may be liable for damages.

Shared Fault in an Owasso Boat Crash Case

Determining liability in a boat accident is not always simple. While some accidents are clearly the fault of one party, both parties may share some of the blame in other cases. A plaintiff’s degree of fault could significantly impact potential recovery, but a lawyer could help calculate what percentage of damages may be recoverable.

The State of Oklahoma uses modified comparative fault meaning a plaintiff may not recover compensation from an accident if they are 50 percent or more responsible. In cases where a plaintiff shares less than 50 percent responsibility, a jury could reduce their damage award in proportion to their degree of fault. An Owasso boat accident lawyer could work to convince a jury that the defendant was entirely responsible for the boating accident that injured their client.

Call an Owasso Boat Accident Attorney

If you suffered an injury in a boating accident through no fault of your own, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Even if you shared in some degree of fault for the crash, you could still recover monetary damages from the party that injured you.

It may be intimidating to start a boating accident lawsuit. However, with a skilled Owasso boat accident lawyer by your side, the process could go smoothly. Call today to schedule a free consultation.