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Owasso Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Negligent drivers could cause catastrophic injuries that are difficult to recover from in a collision with bicyclists. An Owasso bicycle accident lawyer could be instrumental in evaluating your situation and determining how best to pursue negligent drivers for compensation.

Bicyclists often pay the price for accidents that are not their fault through injury, permanent disability, the medical bills that go with those troubles, and even death. If you have been injured as a cyclist by another driver’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer could help you through this challenging period of recovery by representing your interests through the claims process and potentially in court.

Bicycle Accidents in Owasso

Bicyclists are uniquely vulnerable to the impact of motor vehicles as they have nothing to shield them from the brunt force of a collision. While safety gear and helmets might prevent a fatality in some cases, they generally offer little protection from the devastating injuries resulting from bicycle accidents. As a result, bicyclists are likely to suffer severe injuries in these accidents including:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Neck and back injuries

Bicycle accidents that lead to injuries for cyclists could occur in any setting. However, driver negligence is a common element in many bicycle accidents. Whether drivers are intoxicated, distracted, or speeding, they may be liable for any injuries resulting from bicycle accidents they cause.

Common types of bicycle accidents may involve drivers who sideswipe bicyclists, open their doors into the paths of oncoming cyclists, or pull out of driveways in front of cyclists. Regardless of the circumstances, injured bicyclists may want to consult a bicycle accident lawyer in Owasso for legal assistance.

Bicycle Accident Claims and Damages

Drivers owe motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists a duty of care to drive safely. This duty mandates they comply with all traffic laws and look out for the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians alike. If drivers fail to meet this duty, they are likely negligent and may be financially liable for any resulting property damage or injuries.

A personal injury claim allows injury victims to hold negligent persons accountable for their actions. Possible forms of compensation that cyclists may be able to seek through a lawsuit include:

  • Damage to bicycles
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages from missed work during recuperation
  • Loss of future earning capacity due to resulting disability
  • Suffering and pain

Insurance companies for the liable drivers rarely cooperate in paying the expenses of injured cyclists. Getting full and fair compensation for injuries sustained in bicycle accidents is often a lengthy and challenging process. A bicycle collision attorney could prevent a victim from being wronged in settlement by an insurance company.

Consult a Bicycle Accident Attorney for Counsel

Delays in seeking assistance with your bicycle accident injury in Owasso may result in a loss of evidence and an inability to accurately reconstruct the accident as it occurred. Retaining an Owasso bicycle accident lawyer early in your case could result in a more favorable outcome.

Early intervention by legal counsel also can ensure that you meet all applicable deadlines to bring your claim. Call an experienced injury attorney today for a consultation on your case.