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FAQ: Personal Injury Lawsuits

October 31, 2018

If you have been injured in an accident, you likely have a few questions running through your mind.  From dealing with accident damages to paying for medical expenses, a personal injury can be a stressful ordeal. Below, our attorneys answer the most common questions we are asked about personal injury lawsuits.

Question: I suffered an injury, do I need to file a personal injury lawsuit?

A: If your injury was inflicted due to another person or entity’s negligent actions, you should file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your damages.

Question: What if I’m at fault for my injury?

A: If your own actions resulted in your injuries, you will not be eligible to recover compensation through a lawsuit.

Question: How do courts determine the amount of compensation I am entitled to?

A: How much compensation you recover from your lawsuit will depend on the facts of your case. Courts use the factors listed below to determine the value of your case:

  • The total cost of injury your treatments
  • The amount of money you lost due to your injuries
  • Whether your injuries are permanent or temporary

Question: How long do personal injury cases usually take?

A: The amount of time it takes to wrap-up your case is impossible to determine. Some cases take months, while others take years.

Question: Can I appeal the result of an injury lawsuit?

A: You can appeal the result and seek to have it overturned by a higher court.

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