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Broken Arrow Truck Accident Lawyer

Individuals who were injured in a tractor-trailer wreck might experience significant physical and emotional pain and suffering. To make matters worse, dealing with an insurance adjuster can overwhelming for individuals who are still recovering from their injuries.

Fortunately, you do not have to figure out the next steps in the legal process alone. A Broken Arrow truck accident lawyer could help you pursue legal action against a negligent truck driver, trucking company, or manufacturer. Contacting a dedicated personal injury attorney may be a crucial step to understanding your rights.

Pursuing an 18-Wheeler Crash Claim in Broken Arrow

Many truck wreck claims hinge on the legal theory of negligence. A Broken Arrow truck accident attorney could examine a claim and identify the parties who may be liable for the plaintiff’s damages under this theory.

When assessing civil liability, it may be important to consider the duties of both the truck driver and trucking company. If either party failed to exercise reasonable care, and that failure led directly to the plaintiff’s injuries, the injured person may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Individuals who wish to pursue a truck crash claim should keep in mind the applicable statute of limitations, which sets the filing deadline for a particular type of claim. As dictated by Oklahoma state law, an 18-wheeler crash case must be filed within two years of the accident.

Any attempt to file a truck accident lawsuit after the filing deadline has passed could lead to a dismissal of the claim and the loss of the plaintiff’s right to recover damages. While there could be circumstances that warrant an extension of the statute of limitations, it is generally in an injured person’s best interest to file their claim before the deadline approaches.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages in a Broken Arrow Truck Wreck Case

Recoverable economic damages in a Broken Arrow truck accident case may include the costs of medical treatment, the costs of medical devices or equipment, and lost wages. It is typically easy to quantify economic damages, as they are based on objective financial losses.

If an individual must get medical treatment for their injuries, medical bills can serve as evidence of such losses. Dedicated legal counsel could also collect employment records to aid in demonstrating the loss of income that a truck accident plaintiff endured.

On the other hand, non-economic damages can be more difficult to quantify, as they address intangible losses like pain and suffering. A truck wreck lawyer in Broken Arrow could assist in gathering the necessary documentation to build a person’s injury claim. It should also be noted that individuals could recover a reduced amount of damages through a personal injury action even if they were partially at fault in the accident.

Talk with a Broken Arrow Truck Accident Attorney

Do not delay in reaching out to a Broken Arrow truck accident lawyer to learn about your rights following an 18-wheeler crash. A qualified attorney could review the facts of your case and champion your injury claim. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.