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When medication is prescribed or recommended to cure illnesses, manage symptoms, or improve a patient’s health and well-being, consumers reasonably assume the drugs they are taking are safe and will not harm them. However, despite research and development, test trials, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scrutiny, drugs are frequently rushed to market. As a result, some drugs are dangerous, potentially causing severe injuries or death.

If medication with dangerous or unlisted side effects harmed you or a loved one, a Broken Arrow dangerous drugs lawyer could review your case to determine whether you have a personal injury claim. Dangerous drug cases can be very complex, so consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible could be critical to recovering damages.

Physical, Emotional, and Financial Impact of Defective Drugs

Many drugs have minor side effects, but others may lead to severe injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Birth defects
  • Cancer
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Vision loss
  • Organ damage, including kidney failure
  • Depression and suicide

These injuries can lead to the financial burden of unexpected medical costs from hospital bills, physician fees, and rehabilitative therapy. A Broken Arrow dangerous drugs attorney could work on a plaintiff’s behalf to pursue compensation that can help make up for mounting bills and lost earnings.

Types of Dangerous Drug Defects

Just like any other defective consumer product, drugs can be dangerous in several different ways.

Manufacturing Defect

Drug manufacturing defects result from a flaw in the production process, such as the use of a contaminated ingredient, unsanitary manufacturing tools, or other faulty production conditions. The defective drug is typically an unintended “bad batch” of medication.

Design Defect

A drug design defect is caused by an inherent problem in a drug’s formulation. A drug that causes unanticipated and severe interactions is a typical example of defective drug design. Defects of this type are often accompanied by mass recalls.

Failure to Warn Defect

In some cases, a drug that is highly effective against certain conditions has inherent side effects that cannot be eliminated. Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies are fearful of losing sales and fail to disclose known risks, constituting a failure to warn defect.

Statute of Limitations for Broken Arrow Dangerous Drugs Lawsuits

Oklahoma state law provides two years following the discovery of the injury, or when the injury should reasonably have been discovered. Once the two-year period expires, the injured party forfeits the possibility of compensation and the case cannot proceed. Given the importance of adhering to this deadline, it is generally best to consult an experienced dangerous drugs lawyer in Broken Arrow as soon as possible.

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When pharmaceutical companies place unsafe drugs on the market, they may end up harming the very consumers who were supposed to benefit from their products. Those companies should be held responsible, and with an experienced attorney on your side, obtaining justice may be possible.

If a drug has injured you or a loved one, a Broken Arrow dangerous drugs lawyer could investigate whether the drug was defective and strongly advocate on your behalf to recover compensation. Reach out today to take the first steps and learn more about your potential options.