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Broken Arrow Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis is often an irreversible injury that can significantly alter your life, leaving you unable to perform daily activities, work, or even walk. Extensive paralysis may also cause you to need ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation services, home modifications, and transportation.

When severe and permanent injuries result from an accident due to the fault of others, though, you may have a claim for civil damages that a Broken Arrow paralysis injury lawyer could help you pursue. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney may be able to seek justice on your behalf and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Paralysis Injuries in Broken Arrow

Although paralysis may result from various situations, it most commonly occurs following a spinal cord or brain injury. The extent of paralysis depends on the location and the severity of the associated injury.

Paraplegia occurs when the entire lower half of the body is paralyzed, whereas quadriplegia occurs when the trunk, pelvis, arms, and legs all are paralyzed. Less extensive forms of paralysis include monoplegia—a single paralyzed limb—and hemiplegia, which is paralysis to one side of the body. Any degree of paralysis may require significant changes in lifestyle, including using a wheelchair in many cases.

When such an injury occurs due to the careless, negligent, or reckless conduct of others, the victim may have the right to pursue these parties for compensation through civil litigation. A Broken Arrow paralysis injury attorney may be able to assist people living with paralysis in documenting their medical condition and needs to build a strong personal injury claim.

Recoverable Damages in Paralysis Claims

Paralysis injury victims may be eligible to seek various forms of compensation from the persons or entities responsible for causing the accident that led to their injuries. Potential damages in a paralysis personal injury claim might include:

  • Medical bills, hospitalization costs, and expenses related to diagnostic tests
  • Lost wages in the present and future
  • Costs of assistive medical devices and equipment, medication, home renovations to accommodate a wheelchair, and transportation costs
  • Non-economic damages such as mental trauma and pain and suffering

Based on these expenses, a paralysis accident lawyer in Broken Arrow may be able to predict lifelong economic and medical needs to build a more comprehensive personal injury claim on a plaintiff’s behalf. Compensation from this type of claim may allow an injury victim to enhance the quality of their life and live as independently as possible.

How a Broken Arrow Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help

If you have been paralyzed following an accident, your priority always should be to get the medical care that you need. Once your condition is stable, however, you should consider the benefits of hiring a Broken Arrow paralysis injury lawyer to represent your legal interests.

Oklahoma state law imposes strict time limits on the ability of injury victims to file claims for damages against potentially liable parties. Failure to bring a claim within the requisite two-year timeframe can result in you being unable to recover damages for your injuries, so call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.