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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Broken Arrow

In Broken Arrow, the common causes of car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. However, many are preventable and stem from another driver’s willful negligence. When any of these wrecks happen, you or a loved one need to consider talking to a dedicated car wreck attorney who could help you recover. While compensation does not undo what has been done, it could help with the healing process and address medical bills and property losses.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Broken Arrow

When someone disregards the rules of the road, accidents often occur. Some of the more common causes of car accidents in Broken Arrow include:

  • Distracted driving: cellphone use and exhaustion could lead to less than attentive driving
  • Impairment: driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol often causes crashes and serious injuries
  • Disregard for traffic laws: running red lights, signs, or ignoring the speed limit creates hazardous conditions for all drivers on the road

Changes in Lawsuits When Drivers Were Drinking

When someone is in an accident and they are drunk, this creates a situation of “negligence per se”. Typically, when an accident happens, and it is just an accident (no laws have been broken), liability needs to be established based on a general common law doctrine of “negligence”. When someone drunk gets behind the wheel, they have violated a law. When a person violates a law, that is called negligence per se, it is a fact that the person was drunk and, therefore easy to establish the underlying claim of negligence. Driving drunk also presents some aggravating factors with the value of the claim inherently. Society is not happy with people that get behind the vehicle while they are drunk and then hurt someone. Drunk driving almost always increases the value of any negligence claims. For help holding those people responsible for the common causes of your car accident in Broken Arrow, speak to an attorney.

How Speeding Impacts a Car Crash Lawsuit

Speed does not become an aggravating factor in an auto accident unless it is an exceptionally high rate of speed. If someone is going five miles an hour over the speed limit, that is not going to be an aggravating factor. If a person is doing 150 miles an hour down the highway and injures someone, that is a different story. That would be along the same lines of “negligence per se” for drunk driving. They actually are breaking the law. It may also increase the value of the claim in extreme circumstances and will support the negligence claim fundamentally.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

When a person runs a red light or a stop sign, they are breaking the law. In the event an accident is caused by their actions, that would be a strong indication of negligence if it is corroborated by eye witness testimony by someone other than the parties involved. If it is corroborated with eye witness testimony, a person could establish that a rule of law has been broken. A citation was hopefully issued by the police officer investigating the accident and it makes the claim of negligence easier to prove.

Head-On Driving and Subsequent Broken Arrow Lawsuits

Driving in the wrong direction is an obvious violation of the law. Obviously, someone that is driving down a one-way street the wrong way or in the opposite lane of travel is not paying attention or is not qualified to drive.

Those types of situations are usually because the driver is under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, and that falls into the “negligence per se” category in establishing the claim. That would probably increase the value of the claim from an aggravation point of view as well. The jurors are not going to like someone (for whatever reason) who is driving the wrong way down the road. Those types of incidences typically create head-on collisions with catastrophic injuries. That is definitely something that is negligence per se and aggravating circumstances in terms of the value of the claim.

Talk to a Dedicated Legal Representative

Speaking with an attorney who is familiar with the common causes of car accidents in Broken Arrow has its advantages if you are looking to seek compensation for your losses after your wreck. An attorney who has experience handling these cases could review your claim, gather evidence, and work to establish negligence. This could be done with the goal of obtaining the compensation you need. However, this could only start if you first reach out to speak to an attorney.