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Saint & Associates, PLLP Wins on Behalf of Client Injured in Nursing Home Accident

September 25, 2017

Our firm, Saint & Associates, PLLP, is thrilled to announce we have won on behalf of our elderly client, who was injured while being transported from her physician’s office to her nursing home. Because the nursing home transport driver failed to properly secure the resident in her wheelchair before departing, our client was seriously injured. While in transit, the transport driver made an abrupt stop which caused the resident to be thrown from her wheelchair to the floor. The devastating fall resulted in a broken hip and several other minor injuries, leaving our client injured and emotionally distraught.

Shockingly, the insurance company initially offered an insulting $25,000 for her injuries. This minimal sum would not even cover her medical bills, and our Tulsa personal injury attorneys refused to settle for such an insignificant amount. Thanks to the tenacity and determination of our legal team, we at Saint & Associates, PLLP were able to recover $250,000 for her injuries, which is 10 times the insurance company’s initial offer.


At Saint & Associates, PLLP, we believe in advocating on behalf of those who have suffered at the hands of another’s negligent or hazardous behavior. If you have been injured due to no fault of your own, you are now likely facing costly medical bills, a loss of work and wages, and suffering from emotional distress. This is why it is vital you enlist in the help of a Tulsa personal injury attorney you can trust to put your needs first. Don’t face this difficult time on your own–we want to protect you no matter how complex your situation.

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