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How to Avoid Common Holiday Injuries

December 13, 2018

Emergency rooms throughout the United States see an influx of various injuries during the holiday season. In fact, some of your most cherished holiday traditions can put you at risk for sustaining a serious injury. In this blog, our team of attorneys explain how to prevent common holiday injuries.


  • Before you start putting up your Christmas lights and other decorations, make sure you carefully read all of the directions and warning labels.
  • Never use indoor lights to decorate the outside of your home. Doing so can cause the lights to malfunction and start a fire.
  • Inspect lights and decorations for any frayed wires or cracked sockets. Discard the damaged ones before you start decorating.


  • Make sure you put the ladder on a sturdy surface before you start decorating hard to reach areas of your home. If you are decorating your roof, have someone stand close to the ladder in case you lose your balance.
  • Serious injuries can result when a person slips and falls on ice. Be cautious when walking on slick or uneven surfaces.
  • Stores are frantic with shoppers during this time of year, which means that you need to watch your step near entrances and exits where customers track in snow and ice.


  • From lifting heavy gifts to shoveling snow, there are many holiday activities that can put severe strain on your back. Ask for help when lifting heavy gifts and take frequent breaks if you have to shovel snow during the holidays.


  • If you will be carving the holiday ham or other delicious treats, make sure you practice knife safety. Always cut way from yourself and use a knife that has been sharpened. You should also keep pets and small children away from your cutting station.


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