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How Long Will My Injury Case Last?

September 13, 2017

If you are about to file a personal injury claim, or are in the midst of one, you might be wondering how long you can expect your case to take, especially if your injuries are particularly severe and you have concerns about a long and drawn out case preventing you from receiving the compensation you need. A case can resolve rather quickly if you are willing to accept an initial offer, or drag on if there are problems with the case. While taking the fastest route towards compensation might seem appealing, the problem is this usually means the offer will not even begin to cover the costs associated with your injury.


  1. Your case has some problems: There are a couple of problems that can draw out the length of a personal injury case, or even totally derail it. First, if it is difficult to prove liability, the insurer is unlikely to make any kind of reasonable offer and will probably not take your case seriously until a judge rules on your right to sue. Second, there could also be a problem with damages. For example, your physician might not be able to definitely say the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries and, as such, the insurer would be unwilling to make a reasonable settlement offer.
  2. Your case involves substantial damages: If your case involves a large sum of money, the insurer will do everything possible to avoid having to compensate you. If, after they have thoroughly investigated your case, they come to the conclusion that they cannot attack your case, credibility, or the severity of your claim, they will make a reasonable settlement offer. The hope of insurers is that the investigation becomes so time intensive that plaintiffs give up and accept a low offer.
  3. You did not reach maximum medical improvement: Maximum medical improvement is essentially the point at which you reach a full recovery, or the most you can hope to recover. Waiting to reach maximum medical improvement means you will be able to more accurately value your case. If you are still being treated for your injuries, it might be unclear if you will fully recover or not, which can make it difficult to propose a reasonable settlement offer. If you can afford to wait, this is a more legitimate reason for a case to take a bit more time.


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