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A DUI Could Ruin Your Educational Life

August 12, 2016

Today college students face a pressure cooker of stress to succeed. With jobs requiring more experience, better grades, and more education just to hold an entry-level position many students find themselves overworked, overscheduled and overwhelmed. Many students turn to the party culture college life promises to blow off steam, but the seemingly unlimited flow of alcohol becomes a high risk for students if they decide to get behind the wheel after a night out partying.


Oklahoma has a zero tolerance policy in regards to underage drinking and driving. While the legal BAC for all adults over the age of 21 is .08%, if an underage driver is caught with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system, they could be arrested for DUI. The penalties for someone caught drinking and driving underage include up to 6-month license suspension, six month jail time, a misdemeanor charge, and up to $1,000 in fines.


In addition to the legal penalties, the student also faces academic penalties. Most colleges have substance abuse policies that require disciplinary action if a student is convicted of DUI. These policies include loss of privileges, restriction from activities, suspension or dismissal. Students accepting scholarships or financial aid may also be required to report their conviction to the organizations financing them for review. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could lose funding for your scholarship or become ineligible for a specific amount of time for financial aid.


If you are a college student attending the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University or other adjacent Tulsa college student, charged with a DUI, we highly suggest hiring an experienced Broken Arrow DUI lawyer to represent you and protect your rights. At Saint & Associates, PLLP, we are a team of experienced attorneys passionate about protecting the rights of students in situations like yours. We understand how stressful at can feel when your education future is at stake. Get a skilled attorney in your corner, call to schedule your free case evaluation.